Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days I've had for ages!!!! I entered the Provo Craft E2 Banner contest and was one of the winners!!!!! OMG!!! I was shocked!!! But sooo excited!! I've always said that if I was to win something like this I would be screaming but that is not what happened at all! LOL...I just sat there and stared at the screen then took my laptop into Bob and asked him to look...I wanted to be sure I was seeing it correct! While he was looking I started crying!!! And ever time I tried to talk I would start crying again!!!!

I even asked him later in the day if I had dreamt the whole thing!! Thank you Provo Craft!!! This was a dream come true!!!

I didnt get very good pictures before I sent it off but here are a couple that I got!

ohhh...lol...ignore my dishes in the sink!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Expression2 launches tonite!!

Join the fun at

tonite when they have there question and answer session at 11 eastern!!